The Trouble with Dreams – Book 1 in the Tiggy in Dreamland series

Come on an adventure into Dreamland, where the rules of everyday life definitely do not apply. 

Everything is going wrong for eleven-year-old Tiggy Post. She loathes doing homework and avoids it whenever she can – if only it wasn’t so boring. Now it’s almost the end of last term and Tiggy’s laziness has finally caught up with her. Her grades are appalling, her teacher is furious and, worse still, her parents have cancelled her twelfth birthday party and are threatening to send her to summer school. Even her little dog, Smudge, is ignoring her. Trouble seems to follow her around and the most dreadful thing of all… what if she has to repeat the whole year while her friends go off to high school?

Tiggy is worried about her future and one night, becomes entangled in a series of strange and frightening dreams. Her best friend, Jayne, tries to help out by investigating the hidden meanings in Tiggy’s dreamland adventures. They both become intrigued by the strange elements in the dreams, elements that keep showing up in real life. Together, they begin to discover the curious nature of dreams and realise that dreams can actually be marvellous adventures, filled with fun and possibility. With Jayne’s help, Tiggy slowly learns to control her dreams… but can they solve the mystery of the dark forces that pursue Tiggy in her sleep? 

Everything is possible… in your dreams.”